Acceleration of the graphics card under favorable conditions

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Note that these overclocking settings are just a starting point and will give you a rough idea of what settings should give you good results. The performance of each graphics card can be better or worse due to the "silicon lottery".

Video Card Overclocking Settings 

Note that the power limit expressed as a percentage (%) may vary by graphics card model. Not all graphics cards have the same TDP baseline, so setting a power limit of 80% may not necessarily match the 285W power limit. 

How to calculate graphics card power limit in percentage?

First, determine the TDP (power consumption) model on your graphics card manufacturer's page. An example. Follow this formula to calculate the percentage change in power limit - Reduce Power Limit = Graphics Card TDP - Power Limit Decrease Power Limit Percentage = Power Limit Reduction / Graphics Card TDP.

Chip relabeling

There is always a relatively small but stable demand for the most expensive, most "top" models of any product. There are often situations where the production of suitable high-speed chips is high, but the demand for a cheaper (and smaller high-speed model) exceeded expectations. Then the manufacturer considers it profitable for himself to rebrand and sell some of the faster chips into slower ones, since their production costs, as you could already understand from section 2.1, are almost the same. Of course, these chips can run at the same speed as their older brothers, yes, and still accelerate.

Artificial speed limit

This reason mirrors the above. In order not to interfere with the sale of more expensive models, we can limit the features of the younger ones, so as not to tempt the buyer to buy almost the same, but much cheaper. Another application is that instead of developing, testing, separately manufacturing a product for a cheaper niche market, we can use the same chips, but the hardware or software disables some of their capabilities and sell them under a different name for less money and at lower frequencies. Of course, if they are limited by hardware, the overclocker will not achieve much from them, but if it is software - most likely you can make them full value.

Installation of quality parts due to lack of others

It often happens that the parts used for production are taken out of production, they are not available in sufficient quantity or they are temporarily not supplied/produced, and more advanced ones are used instead. This can be done both with graphics card chips and with memory modules designed for them, mainly the latter. Since the memory chips are marked with this speed (in nanoseconds) and it is easy to identify, overclockers try to find the same in many graphics cards, but with faster memory that easily works at their high rated frequencies and can overclock more.


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This is far from news, I read about it a couple of months ago.

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